Age 50 InBody 520 Analyzer Test Results

This morning, I went for my annual InBody 520 Analyzer Test. Below are the results from today along with those since I started doing these back in 2008:

Age Weight Body Fat % Dry Lean Mass % Intracellular Water % Extracellular Water %
46.0 165.4 12.9% 22.9% 39.3% 24.8%
47.0 170.2 13.3% 23.0% 39.5% 24.1%
48.0 171.7 15.3% 22.5% 38.7% 23.6%
48.4 168.2 13.6% 22.8% 39.2% 24.4%
49.0 174.6 13.2% 23.1% 39.6% 24.1%
49.9 175.9 14.7% 22.6% 38.8% 23.9%

I was somewhat upset, but not surprised, to see my Body Fat % be about one-percentage point higher than what would be my goal.  And, I want to see it closer to 13.6%.

I need to eat better and get more exercise to see this happen.  I know that I can do it – since I had something like this happen two years ago, as you can see from the chart.

I am going to have another test in five or six months and see where I am at that time.  I want to see it – meaning my Body Fat % – be less than 14%.

Otherwise, my numbers are about the same.  So, clearly, the extra weight here is fat.  I need  to lose about three or four pounds while continuing to workout.  And, I know that I can do it.

I look forward to doing this test again at the end of April next year.

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