*@#! The World Thinks I Look Old

O.K., first, some facts before I get into this story.

Today, I am 49.8 years old.  My wife is 43.1 years old.  And, our daughter is 10.2 years old and our son is 8.4 years old.  Got all that?

Yesterday, my daughter and I were at a baseball game and some man there asked me if she was my daughter (when I was taking her picture with my camera).

Afterwards, I said to my daughter “That was an odd question.  Who else would you be?  My wife?”

To this, my daughter, said:  “Well, Dad, it is possible that he thought I was your grand-daughter.”

Ouch.  When she said this, I told her that she was just being nasty and that it was not appreciated.

And, her reply to this was:  “No.  Honestly, people think that.  Remember when we were at the beach on Thursday and I was playing with that little girl that I met there?  She asked me if mom was my mother and if you were my grand-father when you two were sitting up on the blanket by her family.”

Oh, just shoot me now.  Crap.  I am not even officially fifty yet and this stuff is starting?

I knew, having a wife that is nearly seven years younger than me and waiting to have kids until I was almost forty, would lead to this, someday.  But, I really thought it would start when I was sixty (and not fifty).

It’s all downhill from here – and fast.

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