Hitting Rock Bottom & Drawing The Line

I have not exercised in the last eight days. And, it seems longer than that.

There’s a million reasons why – but, they’re all just excuses at the end of the day.

Worse, I have been eating like a pig for a while now as well.  Too many crappy carbs…white bread, french fries, etc.  Also, too many nuts and chips.

I usually weigh myself everyday.  But, lately, I have not been doing that – since I feel tubby and I knew it was not going to be pretty.

Normally, my magic number on the scale is 172 pounds.  That’s when I feel at my best.

Lately, that number has been in the area of 175 pounds or so.  And, that’s not great; but, it’s OK.

However, this morning, I finally got on the scale again and it read 180.5 pounds.

For me, this is obscene and it has to stop there.  I need to start eating better and getting at least some exercise each day.

I cannot allow this to get any worse and I need to make it better, preferably, soon.

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