Schreiner’s Herbal Solution for Horses & Farm Stock – And People?

Have you heard of Schreiner’s Herbal Solution?

My acupuncturist has recommended that I use it for some trouble spots.

Most recently, she suggested it for the pain that I have been having in my wrist.

Of course, once she suggested it, the pain went away (before I started using it).

The bottle says that it’s recommended for horses, farm stock and pets. But, there’s no mention for people – either recommending or warning against it. I’ve googled around to see if anyone has experience with it being used on humans. But, I can’t find anything.

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2 Responses to Schreiner’s Herbal Solution for Horses & Farm Stock – And People?

  1. aj says:

    i have used this product on my seventeen and a half year old dog for several years — i used it today on myself for the first time — my scalp is painful, itchy and burning — there is nothing on the skin — have seen two doctors and used prescription topical meds to no avail — tried this today — have no verdict as of now

  2. Steve says:

    AJ -good luck.

    In the end, I didn’t use it. But, I still have it and may use it if I have another injury.

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