My Own Fitness Plan 2.0 – Cycle 2 – Day 43

I never did get back out there on Friday.  Hay fever did me in again.  It’s been brutal.

And, yesterday, I had a two-hour Little League scrimmage game followed by two hours of yard work.  After that, my hay fever was raging and I was done.  So, I ended up missing my second run day of Week #6.

That said, I really wanted to get out there today – even with it being Easter and me coming off a night of very little sleep.  I have a race next Sunday and I haven’t run since last Sunday.  This is probably my last shot to get a run in before the race.

After celebrating the holiday with family, I went out for a 5K run at 6:30 PM.  I ended up running 3.11 miles – a tad more than a 5K – in 26 minutes and 7 seconds.  All things considered, I’ll take it.

I then followed the run with a .15 mile walk, a .15 run, a 230-feet walk, and a one-tenth mile run.  In total, I worked up a good sweat. 

Now, I need to put out a good effort on Week #7 of Cycle #2 and then close it out with a great race on Sunday.

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