Spare The Iditarod, Spoil The Runner

Snow be damned, I went running this evening at 5:30 pm.

It wasn’t that bad out. Just past the gloaming. The onset of nightfall. The temp was around 35 °F and the roads were slushy but passable. It was very quiet – everyone in their homes, done with their digging and playing in the snow, settling down for supper. (Well, except for one guy – and I’ll get back to that.) There was lots of clean, white, snow surrounding me while I ran. It was extemely tranquil and I found the experience to be very cathartic. I’m so happy now that I made the effort to get this done.

Back to that one guy, as promised…

There was no one out there, as I mentioned, sans one person getting out of his car. Just as I was passing him, he looked at me and said “Jogging in the snow? Oh, my…”

After he said that, I looked back at him, smiled, and said “Yup.”

And, yessir, it was nice to say that back to him.

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