My Own Fitness Plan 2.0 – Cycle 1 – Day 49

Yesterday’s disaster was not sitting well with me. And, it wasn’t just because of the bruises on my shoulder, elbow, hand and knee. All my recent running failures have been eating away at my brain. So, today, after six hours of running errands with my family, I went out for a run before dinner.

To avoid another fall, I went to a small local park that has an asphalt track. It’s smooth – no cracks and broken pavement. And, I attempted another 5K run.

It was hard. But, I pushed myself and got through the 3.1 miles. And, my total time was 25 minutes and 1 second. I just missed cracking the 25 minute mark, for the first time ever, by two seconds! This is the fastest 5K that I have run to date (since starting C25K back in January 2011).

It was good to get this done and prove to myself that I can still run 3.1 miles without stopping. I was really starting to doubt myself. Now, I just have to see how my knees feel tomorrow – and see if my IT Band worries are over.

Below is the data from today’s run – which was a 8:05 or 7.4 MPH pace (and that’s pretty good for me):


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