New Plan To Lengthen My Runs

I’ve been thinking more about my recent running issue.  Maybe I have just been getting ahead of myself with my goals – albeit per my legs, lungs or head?

After all, for the first 48 years of my life, I never ran – at all.  And, I have only been running 5K routes for the last 11 months or so – give or take.  Perhaps trying to run 5 miles, now, for someone at my age and stage, is too much for me to handle?

That said, I now have a new plan.

For my Friday runs, I am going to run a 5K route and stop at 3.1 miles to get my time.  And, then, I will reset my GPS and run as far as I can run after that 5K – and track the distance.  From there, each Friday, I will try and better that supplemental run.

And, on my Sunday runs, I will run a 5K route.  However, I will not stop at 3.1 miles.  Once I hit the 5K line, I will keep running as long as I can to see how far I can go.  And, whatever it is, that’s what it will be for that day – with no goal for distance on any given Sunday.

If I can do this for the next month or so, then, hopefully, I will be closer to running five miles than I am now…which is not very near, at all.

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