2011: A Good Workout Year With A Bummer Endnote

I’m in a bad place right now.

I did something to my left rib cage. I’m not sure when and how it started. I want to say it was at least a week ago where I felt like I tweaked/pulled/strained it. It could have been something as stupid as bad posture while sitting for a long period or maybe I slept funny in the bed?

Until yesterday, it was more nagging than anything else. It would come and go and was never disabling. I still ran and went to the gym with it, etc.

But, yesterday, it started killing me.

I’m no doctor, but, I want to say it’s the serratus anterior muscle.

We – my wife, kids and myself – spent the day in the city on Wednesday. It was a 10-hour day trip with included 5 hours of walking (at the least). Maybe that set it off? In any event, I could not bend over to pick up a pair of gloves off the floor. Sitting was painful. At one point, I was drinking something and it killed me every time that I swallowed.

Last night, trying to sleep, was the worst. My wife suggested taking a couple of Naproxen Sodium – which I did. However, it really didn’t help. When I was able to fall asleep, the second that I moved in any manner, the pain in my side was so great that it woke me up. This went on…all…night…long.

I suspect this is the end of “Cycle #3″ for me. Damn. It was sooo close to a complete deal – falling 8 days short.

Maybe this is a end-of-the-year thing for me? Back in 2009, I decided to try P90X again. And, it was during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, just like now, where I pulled something in my lower back (doing P90X) that took forever to heal…and it was very painful, like this thing with the rib cage.

I don’t know what I am going to do now with this thing.  Should I rest it, 100%?  Should I try and apply something else?  Should I go see someone?

I just want it to go away – and fast – like in the next two or three days.  At this point, I want to start My Own Plan 2.0 on New Year’s Day.  And, with my condition at this moment, that seems like it’s not going to happen.

This year, 2011, has been a good one for me in terms of working out.  I did C25K in January and have been running – for the first time in my life – ever since.  I have been going to the gym all year – and have been very serious about it for the last 6 months, making it a priority to get there each week.  And, this is not the way I want to see it end…and, for sure, this is not the way I want to start 2012.

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