My Second Ever 5K Race

Two weeks after running my first ever 5K race, I ran another one today.

I did pretty good. And, I came close to my goal – despite my last minute concerns.

Per my Forerunner 205, my time for the race was 25 minutes and 3 seconds. (That beats my “personal run” 5K “best time” by 12 seconds.) The race clock had me at 25 minutes and 31.5 seconds. The difference in time being that there we so many running this race and it took some time to get across the start line.

According to the preliminary tallies, there were 615 runners in the race – and I finished 207th overall.

Also per the first posted results, I finished 133rd out of the 283 men running the race. And, lastly, I finished 14th out of the 28 men who ran the race between the ages of 45 and 49.

Considering this was only my second race ever, I’ll take it.

It was enjoyable to run this one. Via my Forerunner 205 and the Garmin Training Center, here’s my pace for this one and the course elevation:

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Having now run two races, I get what it’s all about.

I love the challenge at the beginning – finding lanes and passing people until you find the group that runs at your pace. And, once there, running in the pack of those where you fit.  Then, it’s just a matter of keeping up the pace at the tough spots – and keeping enough in the tank for the finish. Of course, the last leg and crossing the finish line is the ultimate accomplishment.

Overall, it’s just great to run in a race – compared to running by yourself – with that feeling of everyone pushing each other to do their best.

This will be it – in terms of running races – for me now until next spring.  I will keep training over the winter. 

I’ve made a ton of progress since I started running this past January – considering I am now 49-years old and never ran before, ever, in my life.  (Thank you, C25K!)  And, I don’t want to lose that momentum.  I want to keep improving.  After all, I still have two big 5K goals to knock off my list.

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