Itching To Run Again

Since I had so much fun with my first-ever 5K race, I have been itching to do it again.  And, today, I signed up for another one – to be held 10 days from now.

It’s a bit of a trip – since it’s a 45-minute drive from my house to the race – and it’s going to be cold.  (The long-range forecast, today, for the day of the race is a high of thirty-seven degrees.)

But, it seems like it’s a well organized race…from what I can tell.

Last year, 373 ran this 5K and their average time was 27 minutes and 27 seconds.  Also, I did a sample of guys my age in the race last year, give or take a few years, and their average time was 28 minutes.

So, for this one, my goal is to run it in less than 28 minutes – and hopefully as close to 26 minutes as possible.

I figure that I can get one practice run in this Sunday and then I won’t run again until the day of the race – just to make sure I have somewhat fresh legs for this one (like I did with the last race).

I hope that nothing prevents me from running this one.  Looking around, it seems like this could be the last local 5K race for me until March of next year. 

That seems like forever at this point…now that I have the racing bug.

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