My Own Fitness Plan – Cycle 3 – Day 11

Per the plan, I was supposed to run a 5K today. 

The issue?  I was not in my best mental state this morning.  I was tired, sore and still feeling my cold a bit.  Also, I was still down over my discovery yesterday – and feeling a bit tubby since I over-ate on Saturday.

But, I pushed myself out there this morning at 9:30 AM anyway – and figured anything was better than nothing.  What happened?

I ran the 3.1 miles in 25 minutes and 15 seconds.

That’s my personal best time, to date, for running a distance of 5K.  It beats my old mark by 5 seconds.

I felt like I was going to puke when I was done.  But, after that passed in a moment, I was feeling pretty good about today’s results.

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