Going Off Plan To Stay On Plan

Yesterday was supposed to be a “gym day” for me.

I do try and go to the gym on Fridays, Sundays and Tuesdays. But, it was Easter Sunday – and we had family plans. Also, my gym was only open for 4 hours, very early, yesterday.

Most times, something like this would get my underwear in a bunch. What to do? Go the next day and totally screw with my pattern of off-days between workouts? Skip the session and just make up that workout on the next “gym day”? In the past, I’ve taken both roads at different times and it just never seems to be helpful down the line. Either I get away from the Friday/Sunday/Tuesday routine, or, by pushing the missed session to the next day at the gym, I end up going too long to revisit a body part that I worked out in the gym.

However, yesterday, I thought “What if I go off plan in order to stay on the plan?”

What does that mean? Simple: The “plan” is hit the gym on Sundays for “Chest & Back,” Tuesdays for “Biceps & Triceps,” and Fridays for “Legs & Shoulders.”

But, that “Sunday” could not happen yesterday because the holiday and gym hours prevented it from happening.

So, I decided to go “off plan” and forget about needing “the gym” to make it happen. Instead, after we got home from celebrating Easter, and the kids went to bed, I did 42 minutes of the P90X “Chest & Back” program – to get in my workout, at home, that I would have focused on at the gym. And, now, I’m still “in rotation” to do “Biceps & Triceps” at the gym tomorrow.

In the past, my attempts to adapt and be flexible were still living inside the box of “going to the gym.” Therefore, yesterday was a landmark moment for me, of sorts.

It’s not something that I will do all the time – meaning “sub” a home workout for a gym workout. But, now that I’ve done it, I will consider this option in the future, if needed.  Yeah, I know…it seems like a common sense thing. And that’s been my problem in the past with hitting the gym and getting in workouts: I sometimes make it too complicated. Hopefully, with this new approach, I’m starting to move away from that.

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