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Workout – 12/31/12

Last workout of 2012.  After lunch, I went to the gym and did four sets each of the following: Hammer Strength Incline Press Low Cable Rows Ab Coaster Hammer Strength Shoulder Press Hammer Strength Leg Extensions Icarian Leg Curls Icarian … Continue reading

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Ending 2012 On A Fat Note

I jumped on the bedroom scale this morning and it read 180.8 pounds.  That’s horrifying and way too heavy for me. It’s no secret what’s been going on here – I have been eating crappy and eating too much.  Plus, … Continue reading

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Complete Proteins

Complete proteins contain all nine of the essential amino acids. And, the good folks at share this “Best Food Combos for Complete Protein” cheat-sheet: Incomplete Protein To Complete It… Total 2 Tbsp peanut butter 8 g Spread on 1 … Continue reading

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Workout – 12/29/12

The forecast is for snow and rain today. So, I got out for a run after breakfast before the bad weather arrived. It was cold – with the temps just above freezing. And, it sure felt damp. But, I got … Continue reading

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Year-End Weight History, The Last Seven Years

Here it is, for me: Date Weight 12/27/2006 177.6 12/26/2007 166.6 12/31/2008 165.2 12/31/2009 171.8 12/29/2010 176.0 12/29/2011 175.0 12/28/2012 179.0 I am really disgusted in how I have allowed my weight to creep up.  I need to get this … Continue reading

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Holiday Weight Gain Study

Interesting info on this via the San Fran Gate – Despite what many people believe, the average adult gains only about 1 pound between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, according to a study from the New England Journal of Medicine. … Continue reading

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Holiday Scale Horror

Per my bedroom scale, which is reliable, today, I weigh 179.2 pounds. That’s unacceptable.  Too many cookies and the like, over the past week. It stops…now.

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Setting An Exercise Goal For 2013

My goal for next year is a simple one – in terms of definition.  Achieving it will be a challenge – for me. I want to “workout” 220 times in 2013.  By “workout,” it could mean a run, or a … Continue reading

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Workout – 12/26/12

Worst. Run. Ever. But, first, a lead into this one. It’s been eight days since I last ran. And, it’s been a week since I had any workout. Also, over the last two days, I ate like crap – and … Continue reading

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On The Edge Of One Week With No Exercise

Thursday night, I was a mess.  All the work stress of the week caught up with me and I was a puddle of a person by the end of the day.  So, I did not go for a run, as … Continue reading

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Workout – 12/19/12

After a long day at work and a bitch of a commute home, I went to the gym after dinner.  I did not get there until 8:50 PM.  And, I was tired.  But, this was a key day to workout.  … Continue reading

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Workout – 12/18/12

Despite my legs being very sore today, I went for a run at 5:12 PM after my workday from home.  And, the plan was to run 5 miles.  (I even mapped out a route before I left my house.)  But, … Continue reading

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December Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Yesterday, I was very sore – especially in my arms and legs. Today, I still have tight legs. This is interesting. Usually, I am not this sore. Maybe my December is catching up to me? Here’s my workouts, so far, … Continue reading

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Workout – 12/16/12

I went to the gym after breakfast today.  This was a key workout for me. I won’t get a chance to get anything in tomorrow because my workday starts early and my son has basketball practice after work (and I … Continue reading

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Workout – 12/15/12

I never got my workout in yesterday. We had an emergency at work and I got stuck staying late. I barely got my son to basketball practice after that mess. And, by the time practice was over, I was eating dinner … Continue reading

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Gatorade Contains Brominate Flame Retardants

For that deep down body spontaneous combustion… Via the New York Times – Sarah Kavanagh and her little brother were looking forward to the bottles of Gatorade they had put in the refrigerator after playing outdoors one hot, humid afternoon … Continue reading

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Workout – 12/13/12

After another long and stressful day at work, albeit from home, I decided to go for a run before dinner. It was cool – 39° F – and dark outside. I could not see, at all. One time, I had … Continue reading

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Workout – 12/12/12

My workday started early today.  And, I was up until 3 AM last night/this morning – since the stress of work wouldn’t allow my mind to shut down and for me to sleep.  So, there was no way for me … Continue reading

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Workout – 12/11/12

Well, I went for my run today.  It was at 5:15 PM, after a long and stressful 10 hours at work.  And, it was pitch-dark out there. I started with a slower pace – hoping to get close to 5 … Continue reading

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Hey, What’s The Bright Thing In The Sky?

Yes, it’s the sun! It rained here early this morning – and it was coming down in buckets last night. Nothing new there – it’s been raining here for what seems like forever…yesterday, Sunday, and Saturday.  And, I haven’t had … Continue reading

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Workout – 12/10/12

I never got to workout this weekend. I hate it when that happens – it’s a waste since there are 48 hours in there with no “work” or “commute” time issues. And, I should be able to find time between … Continue reading

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Mason Harvey

I just heard this story from several months back. It’s a good one. Nice to see someone so young turn it around. Source.

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Goals, Obstacles & Honesty

By just about every independent assessment I hear, I’m in good shape.  And, via the same sources, I’m in “great shape for someone my age” – although that speaks more towards the state of most people, today, by the time … Continue reading

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Workout – 12/7/12

After dinner tonight, I went to the gym at 8 PM.  Nothing beats the gym at that time on a Friday night.  No one is there and it’s like having the whole place to yourself.  While there, I did four … Continue reading

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Raw Pepitas

Today, I had some raw pepitas for a snack. Pepitas are the hulled, edible seeds of a pumpkin. They are high in protein, phosophorous and iron. It’s a better snack than a pizzelle cookie – which I was considering for … Continue reading

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