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My Own Fitness Plan – Cycle 3

Tomorrow, I start “Cycle 3″ of my own fitness plan. It will be interesting to see how this cycle works out. I’d give myself a solid “B” or maybe even an “A-minus” on “Cycle 1.” But, “Cycle 2″? I’d have … Continue reading

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CrossFit Training

Via the Globe and Mail – Dance music blares from the speakers. Two participants lift empty beer kegs over their heads in unison. Others are swinging sledgehammers onto truck tires as if they were chopping wood. A pair of brave … Continue reading

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Free Your Mind & The Rest Will Follow

An interesting school of thought on time and energy management from “Dr. Oz” – What are some other tricks in your daily lifestyle that you think help you maintain emotional equilibrium? [Dr. Mehmet Oz]: You know that I have not … Continue reading

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Join The [Running] Club!

I’ve come a long way since the start of this year. Figuring that I’ve run enough “personal” 5Ks, I’ve now signed up and joined a running club – effective yesterday. They have a pretty big membership – their Facebook Page … Continue reading

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My Own Fitness Plan – Cycle 2 – Day 59

We’re being hit with a rain/snow/sleet/ice storm today. Crazy for the end of October! So, I decided to hit the gym after lunch. I did the same routine that I did last time there. I really felt it in my … Continue reading

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My Own Fitness Plan – Cycle 2 – Day 58

I went for a 5K run yesterday – after work and before dinner. I did the 3.1 miles in 26 minutes and 6 seconds. That’s about 35 seconds slower than a time that I would have liked to seen on … Continue reading

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Keys To Staying Fit

Chalene Johnson, over at BeachBody, offers her “20 Secrets of Very Fit People.”  It’s a perfect list.

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My Own Fitness Plan – Cycle 2 – Day 57

Last night, for the first time in what seems like forever, I went to the gym after work. (Actually, it had been 8 days since I was last at the gym. But, again, it feels like it’s been longer than … Continue reading

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Is Your Body Trying To Reverse Your Weight Loss?

Via the L.A. Times – As if Americans needed any reminder that weight loss is hard and maintaining weight loss even harder, a study has found that for at least a year, subjects who shed weight on a low-calorie diet … Continue reading

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U.S. Employers Estimated Cost Of Obesity: $73 Billion Per Year

Via NPR – From cubicle farms to auto factories, accommodating larger and heavier employees has become a fact of life. One in three U.S. adults is obese, and researchers say the impact on business can be boiled down to a … Continue reading

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Talking Weight Watchers

They’re doing some sort of conversion at my Weight Watchers – turning it into a “retail store” as opposed to it being a “meeting center.”  (Sounds like repackaging to me.  After all, they still sell products at the “meeting center.”) … Continue reading

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Long Life Secrets In The DNA Of Elderly?

An interesting report from USA Today – George Eberhardt turned 107 last month, and scientists would love to know how he and other older folks like him made it that far. So he’s going to hand over some of his … Continue reading

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National Oatmeal Day

I’m an oatmeal addict. So, this caught my attention. Seriously, I eat oatmeal just about everyday for breakfast.  And, I eat it during the day as a snack. I love it.  And, I would be lost without.

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Post C25K: The Quest For The Sub 25-Minute 5K

Back in March of this year, I completed the C25K program.  Since that time, here are the “times” for my personal 5K runs: Date Min. Sec. March 8th 29   March 13th 29   March 15th 30   March 18th … Continue reading

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My Own Fitness Plan – Cycle 2 – Day 55

Still carrying those unwanted four extra pounds, and given the way I have been stuffing myself lately, I wanted to get back in the exercise swing today. But, my neck wasn’t going to allow me to go to the gym. … Continue reading

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Diet Apathy

For the last four days, I have been over-eating. It started with dinner on Friday night. And, that was repeated on Saturday evening. Yesterday, I over-ate at breakfast – and somewhat at dinner. And, today, I over-ate at breakfast again. … Continue reading

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Rhomboideus Pain

I did something to my rhomboideus minor. Not sure if I strained or pulled it last time I was in the gym? Or, maybe I slept on it funny? Or, it could be from bad posture using the PC or … Continue reading

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Happy Food Day!

Via the USA Today – More than 2,000 local events are expected to take place today across the USA for Food Day, an annual local and regional event being staged nationally for the first time since 1977. Food Day is … Continue reading

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Cutting Himself in Half

This is a great story. It’s wonderful to see someone young make a change like this – and now he has his whole life ahead of him…and will be able to enjoy it, much more than before.

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Working Out With A Cold

Via Everyday Heath – You Have a Cold or Allergies Hit the Gym: If you’ve got the sniffles, you may be more inclined to reach for your remote than your gym bag. Not so fast, the experts say: Not only … Continue reading

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GPS-Enabled Sports Watches

I’ve had a GPS-enabled sports watch on my birthday wish-list for a while now. (My birthday, the big four-nine, is next month.) But, I am not sure which one to get. Melissa Davison, of Go Healthy New York, really seems … Continue reading

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My Own Fitness Plan – Cycle 2 – Day 49

I was pretty sore from my workout on Wednesday. And, I had a Little League game last night after work. So, I did nothing on Thursday. But, I went for a 5K run this morning before work. Did the 3.1 … Continue reading

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Tony Horton & P90X

Great stuff on Tony Hotron and P90X via Men’s Health – That’s right. [Tony] Horton is heading to QVC—the network darling of little old ladies in quilted housedresses—to sell his P90X workout program. (“Just two easy payments of $64.95, plus … Continue reading

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My Own Fitness Plan – Cycle 2 – Day 49

Got my butt back into the gym tonight after work and did four sets each of the following: Bench Press Tricep Rope Pressdowns Hammer Strength Incline Press Icarian Tricep Extension Decline Bench Press Life Fitness Tricep Pressdown I went heavier … Continue reading

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Metabolism 101

Great stuff on this from Dr. Mark Cheng at BeachBody – The human metabolic process is broken down into two parts: catabolism and anabolism. Catabolism is the “burning” or digesting of food or fuel sources to provide cells with energy. … Continue reading

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