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Is My Seven Week Knee Nightmare Over?

Tomorrow is the day where I go for a run to test out my knee. It will be 48 days since I first hurt my knee. It will be 32 days since I last ran a 5K. It will be 21 days … Continue reading

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When I joined Weight Watchers back in June of 2006, there was another guy in my Wednesday night meetings. His name was Marty. Marty was a few years older than me and a few inches shorter than me. In any … Continue reading

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USDA: Goodbye Pyramid, Hello Plate

Via CNN – The U.S. Department of Agriculture is planning to swap in a plate icon for the food pyramid this week, an individual familiar with the new guidelines told CNN Saturday. The new image, expected to be unveiled Thursday, … Continue reading

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Veggie Burgers offered their take on “10 Veggie Burgers for Grilling.” Here’s a snip of what they had to say: A box of veggie burgers is good to have on standby in the freezer for your non-meat-eating friends. Here at KitchenDaily … Continue reading

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Superhero Maker

WebMD talked to Ryan Reynolds’ trainer, Bobby Strom, on how the actor gets into such great shape: We talked to the man behind those abs, personal trainer Bobby Strom, about his superhero workout. When you started working with [Ryan] Reynolds … Continue reading

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Chicken & Broccoli Slaw Stir-Fry

My wife makes this for me at times for dinner - and it’s one of my favorites!  It tastes great, is filling, and is super healthy for you. And, if you already have the chicken cooked, it’s something that can be … Continue reading

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Getting Fat Is A “J.O.B.”

Via CBS News – Why are Americans so fat? Poor eating habits get lots of blame, but two new studies have identified another possible culprit. Our sedentary jobs. Only 6.5 percent of adults meet guidelines for physical activity while at … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished

Remember back on May 13th when I said I wanted to lose three pounds in the next two weeks? One week after that, I was about half-way there with a loss of 1.6 pounds. Today was my next weigh-in and I’ve … Continue reading

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Too Sexy For My “Fat” Shirts

Back when I was fat, I was squeezing myself into size 38″ pants – and I probably should have been wearing a size 40″ pair, at the least. Since January of 2007, I’ve been wearing size 32″ pants – and … Continue reading

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LOL & Thanks For Noticing

I bumped into someone today who last saw me before June of 2006 – when I was very fat.  His first words to me:  “What have you been doing since I last saw you, running marathons everyday?”  I have been … Continue reading

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Mid-Life Mile Time Linked To Heart Risk Chances

Interesting news via the Worcester Telegram – How fast can you run a mile? For people in midlife, this simple measure of fitness may help predict their risk of heart problems as they age. In two separate studies, researchers from … Continue reading

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Do You Live In A Fit & Healthy City?

An interesting report on this via the USA Today – The Twin Cities Minneapolis-St. Paul are the healthiest, fittest cities in the USA, followed by Washington, D.C., and Boston, according to a new analysis of the 50 most populous metro … Continue reading

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Some Much Kneeded Sleep & Some Hope

Last night, for the first time in what seems like forever, I actually got in a whole night of sleep without the pain in my leg causing me to wake-up.  Maybe the celebrex is starting to kick in and heal … Continue reading

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Rupa Mehta’s Nalini Method

I saw a segment on my local news this morning on Rupa Mehta and her Nalini Method. It seems very interesting. Here’s what the New York Times shared on this earlier this month: I’m suspicious of workouts that don’t give … Continue reading

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Day 38 Of The Leg Pain Nightmare

In an effort to cope with my leg pain, I went to the acupuncturist last night. She thinks the spams and strain in my left quad are my body’s attempt to deal with the bone bruise in my left knee. … Continue reading

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Coping With A Quadricep Strain

I don’t know how I did it.  But, somehow, on Monday night, coaching my son’s Little League game, I strained my left quad.  Here’s more on that injury from – A Thigh muscle strain is quite common in sports … Continue reading

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Second & Five

Remember last week when I said I wanted to drop three pounds?  Well, I’m down 1.6 pounds since that time.  Just moving the chains, one chunk at a time…

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Coordinated Approach To Child Health

A great story via CBS NewYork – One New Jersey school is trying to turn its students into connoisseurs of healthy food. Every month, students at Jefferson Elementary School in Maplewood [N.J.] get to taste a new fruit or vegetable. … Continue reading

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Creatine Cramps?

I know that many say that the notion of creatine usage leading to muscle cramping, tightness, spasms, and pulls is bunk. But, I have been experiencing cramping in my calves and spasms in my quads - since starting to take creatine. … Continue reading

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Cooking Oils

I saw this about three weeks ago via It’s Jeanine Natale’s look at olive, avocado, canola, sunflower, grapeseed, sesame, coconut, peanut, and corn oils. Here are the highlights on each: Olive oil. High in oleic acid, olive oil has … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Celebrex!

Today, I went to the orthopedist to get an answer on my knee. While there, I had three x-rays done and he performed a full examination of my left knee. Once done – and, are you ready for this? – … Continue reading

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Some great info on strawberries via Leo Galland, M.D. – Red, ripe and delicious, strawberries are a little fruit that work overtime for your health. Peak strawberry season is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to … Continue reading

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Regular Use Of The Scale Prevents Weight Gain

This is an oldie from 2005. But, it’s still great stuff – If you want to tip the scales in your favor, try stepping on one each day. Research presented Sunday at an obesity conference suggests that the simple act … Continue reading

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Don’t Trust Foods That Claim To Be Good For You…

…at least those which are produced in a factory somewhere. Read “Foods With Benefits, or So They Say” for more on this matter.

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I’ve got no steam today. Been like that for a few days now. All I want to do is sleep. I have not been exercising regularly. And, while I’ve been pretty good with my food choices and portion control, I’ve … Continue reading

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