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Heart Issue Has Me Running Scared

I never felt right after that run on July 27th. I had a fluttering feeling in my left chest soon after that rarely went away and which kept me up at night. After a week of it, I went to … Continue reading

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Wednesday Weight – 3/13/13

Last Wednesday, my weight was 175.1 pounds. And, today, it is 171.5 pounds. But, I can’t consider today’s weight as a “true weight.” My entire house had the stomach flu since last Friday. And, I was the last in line … Continue reading

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Damn Cold

I took last Friday as a rest day.  And, on Saturday, I was outside with my son from 10:30 AM until 2:30 PM.  It was cold out.  And, I was shivering.  Yet, my son was not bothered by the weather.  … Continue reading

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Fear Of What Happens When You Hit 50

In January, the husband of my wife’s friend passed away – after a nine-year battle with multiple myeloma. He was 59-years old when he died. Yesterday, someone who I worked with for years passed away. He had stomach cancer. He … Continue reading

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Lacking The Will To Exercise

So much for my plan to get back on the exercise horse. I either have the world’s worst hay fever now or the onset of a cold.  Either way, my throat is on fire, my head hurts, and I am … Continue reading

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Cold, Allergy, Or Both?

I’m now on “Day #15″ of what I think is a cold. But, I’ve read that cold symptoms last from two to 14 days. And, if symptoms occur often or last much longer than two weeks, they may be the … Continue reading

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Wish My Cold Would Take A Hike Too

I took my kids to one of our State Parks yesterday for a hike in the woods. We chose the 3 mile/90 minute trail. About an hour into it, the kids started to get gassed so we broke off the … Continue reading

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Working Out With A Cold

Via Everyday Heath – You Have a Cold or Allergies Hit the Gym: If you’ve got the sniffles, you may be more inclined to reach for your remote than your gym bag. Not so fast, the experts say: Not only … Continue reading

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