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Some NYC Restaurants Ban Photos Of Food

Via the New York Times – When it comes to people taking photographs of their meals, the chef David Bouley has seen it all. There are the foreign tourists who, despite their big cameras, tend to be very discreet. There … Continue reading

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Ef’ing French Fries

In the nine days prior to today, I have eaten TEN servings of french fries. When I was away down in Baltimore, I had them with every meal that wasn’t breakfast.  And, yesterday, at a baseball game, my daughter and … Continue reading

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Restaurant Caloric Content Labels May Be Underestimated

Via MedPageToday – For Americans who like to eat out — and who doesn’t — there is reassuring news from researchers who report that customers can generally rely on restaurants’ calorie labels, although the calorie count on individual food items … Continue reading

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19 Restaurants Offer Healthier Kids Options In Meals

The news via the Courier-Journal – Amid growing attention to the role restaurants play in childhood obesity, chains from Burger King to Chili’s announced Wednesday that they’re banding together to offer more healthy choices for children. Restaurants participating in the … Continue reading

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Eating Smart While Eating Out

Great tips on how to eat out without pigging out via the KXO Radio website – Seventy-three percent—that’s how many adults say that they now try to eat healthier when at a restaurant, reports the National Restaurant Association. Here are … Continue reading

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