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Creatine Cramps?

I know that many say that the notion of creatine usage leading to muscle cramping, tightness, spasms, and pulls is bunk. But, I have been experiencing cramping in my calves and spasms in my quads - since starting to take creatine. … Continue reading

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90 Hours Break From The Normal Routine

My weight went up three pounds since last week. Could be anything. Ate too much at Easter? Creatine kicking in? Maybe last week’s weight was a mis-read because it wasn’t my usual weigh-in time and clothing? Maybe it’s some combination … Continue reading

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The Creatine Experiment

Two weeks ago, I started taking a creatine supplement before my weight training sessions. Nothing crazy – just 1.6 grams at least 30 minutes before hitting the gym. So far, I haven’t had any of the potential nasty side effects. … Continue reading

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