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Is Veganism Good For Everyone?

The New York Times, today, offers a lot of…pardon the pun…food for thought on the debate. Like most things, the answer is probably not “yes” or “no” – but, rather, somewhere in between.

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Cook Vegetarian Magazine Website

Click here to access their site.  A good source for vegan recipes.

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Forks Over Knives

I’m late to the party on this one – and hope to see the DVD soon.  Click here to see more on it.

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Vegan Bodybuilders

There’s an interesting feature in The Times today.  It’s entitled Sculptured by Weights and a Strict Vegan Diet.  Here’s a snip – Jimi Sitko gets up at 4 most mornings, works out two to four hours a day and can … Continue reading

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Recipes For The Semi-Vegan

Mark Bittman shares a few.  Click here to check them out.

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Best Diets For Healthy Eating

US. News shares their Ranking Of Best Diets For Healthy Eating. Here’s their top ten: No. 1: Dash Diet 4.8 stars out of 5 stars Named a BEST U.S. News diet Panelists applauded the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton’s Vegan Journey

Via the New York Times Well Blog – After undergoing two separate heart procedures since leaving office a decade ago, former President Bill Clinton changed his diet to slow the progression of heart disease. But when a doctor told him … Continue reading

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Beans, Beans, The Magical Weight Loss Meat Substitute

Via – Plan that summer picnic around bean salads instead of brats and you may enjoy a smaller waist — even if you eat the same number of calories as the brat lovers! In a recent study, the biggest … Continue reading

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Don’t Omnivore, Be Happy

Via VegNews Daily – Researchers at the Department of Nutrition at the Arizona State University have found that those who follow a veg diet might be able to add “mental health” as another reason to ditch meat. In a survey … Continue reading

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Vegan Cake – Good & Not So Good

Yesterday, we had a family party to celebrate my daughter’s 9th birthday. And, at the party, we had a vegan birthday cake. What’s a vegan cake? It’s one that is cholesterol-free, dairy and egg-free, has zero trans-fats, hydrogenated oils or … Continue reading

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Need A Veggie Recipe?

You can find a ton of vegetarian recipes at

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Veggie Burgers offered their take on “10 Veggie Burgers for Grilling.” Here’s a snip of what they had to say: A box of veggie burgers is good to have on standby in the freezer for your non-meat-eating friends. Here at KitchenDaily … Continue reading

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Two Tasty Items For Next Thanksgiving shares 25 Healthy Recipes for a Vegetarian Feast.  Here’s two in there that really caught my eye…thinking ahead to next fall…

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If you’ve never seen’s Vegan Guides, you may want to check them out. Click here to access their site. Lots of good information in there on how Vegans get protein, Vegan meat and dessert substitutes, foods commonly mistaken as … Continue reading

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