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*@#! The World Thinks I Look Old

O.K., first, some facts before I get into this story. Today, I am 49.8 years old.  My wife is 43.1 years old.  And, our daughter is 10.2 years old and our son is 8.4 years old.  Got all that? Yesterday, … Continue reading

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TV Bomb Kids With Junk Food Ads

Sad facts from Women’s Health Magazine – According to media industry estimates, advertisers spend $900 million every year on television shows aimed at children under 12. And more than two-thirds of that advertising is for food products: fast-food meals with … Continue reading

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Translating Calories Into Effort To Burn Leads Kids To Pass On Soda

Interesting news from TIME Heartland – Does calorie information help consumers make healthier choices? Not always. But a new study finds that when calorie counts are presented in an easily understandable way, even teenagers — those experts in never listening … Continue reading

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Pizza Is A Vegetable?

Via David Rogers – The white potato loophole in new dietary rules for school lunches just got bigger – about the size of a slice of pizza. That’s the latest from the green vegetable front as the Food and Nutrition … Continue reading

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Kids Say The Darnest & Scariest Things

This afternoon, my family was rounding up to head out of the house for an outing. My son (who is seven) and my daughter (who is nine) were standing by the front door – waiting for my wife and I … Continue reading

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National Exercise With Your Kids Week

I heard on the news today that it’s this week.  But, I’m not finding a lot on the internet about it.  That’s too bad.

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More Teen & Preteens Pumping Iron?

Maybe just a little bit?  More on this via the Imperfect Parent – It’s summertime, the kids are out of school and…, working on their clean-and- jerk? All over the US, (all over the planet, really), dads and sons are … Continue reading

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Coordinated Approach To Child Health

A great story via CBS NewYork – One New Jersey school is trying to turn its students into connoisseurs of healthy food. Every month, students at Jefferson Elementary School in Maplewood [N.J.] get to taste a new fruit or vegetable. … Continue reading

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Setting A Better Health Example For The Kids

Yesterday, we had dinner at the local Chinese buffet. That’s always a sight to behold. It’s amazing to see so many very large people – so big that it’s difficult for them to walk properly – load up their plate … Continue reading

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Kids Care More About Packaging Than The Food Inside

I saw this report in the USA Today yesterday – Kids think foods taste better if they have cartoon characters on the packaging, a new study shows. Using popular characters to market foods to children has been a subject of … Continue reading

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