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Why Am I Tired All The Time?

Lately, I cannot manage to stay awake past 9:45 PM most evenings.  It seems that every night, I am falling asleep in front of the TV and my wife has to wake me up at ten and tell me to … Continue reading

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Dealing With Chronic Nightmares

I’ve always had issues sleeping and dealing with nightmares.  But, for the last two months or so, it’s been as bad as it has ever been for me.  I have problems falling asleep – and when I do, I have … Continue reading

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Eating Dinner Too Close To Bed Time Is Bad For You

Via WebMD – Once again, mom was right: Don’t eat too close to bedtime. A new study suggests that waiting at least an hour after dinner before going to sleep reduces your risk of stroke by about two-thirds. And for … Continue reading

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What Makes You Gain & Lose Weight

Interesting news via NOW@NEJM – What is the secret to losing weight and keeping it off? People have asked this question for ages, and many different answers have been proposed. We’re all familiar with various dieting fads that have passed … Continue reading

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Late To Bed May Lead To Weight Gain

Via the L.A. Times – Staying up late at night can lead to an additional 2 pounds a month weight gain, researchers reported Wednesday. The study showed that people who go to bed late eat more food, have worse diets … Continue reading

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Get Six Hours Sleep, But No More Than Eight, For Longer Life

From the folks at – Get to bed a little earlier and you could extend your life. That’s what a recent study suggests. In the meta-analysis, where researchers pooled together the results of a body of research, it appeared … Continue reading

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Sleep Dreams

I’ve read, more than once, about the importance of getting a proper night’s sleep – because it rejuvenates both your body and mind. And, many stress that getting adequate sleep is necessary for healthy functioning. Sadly, I do not sleep … Continue reading

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