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Crazy Dinner, Or, A Smart One?

I had a combination for dinner tonight that many would find strange: Salmon – poached in the microwave using just a brush of olive oil and a sprinke of thyme and pepper. Two cups of steamed broccoli. One bowl of … Continue reading

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Super Foods For Endurance

Great stuff today from with their top 10 super foods for endurance athletes that should be staples in your diet.

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Toenail Says…Eat Fish!

Good news from a recent study via Bloomberg News – Ingesting mercury found in most fish didn’t cancel the food’s heart-health benefits, according to a study made public Wednesday by Harvard Medical School. Higher mercury exposure didn’t boost the incidence … Continue reading

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Eat Fat To Get Fit

Whitney Provost over at Beachbody deserves an 11 on a scale of one to ten for sharing some great information on “the good fats.” Here are some highlights: …research shows that a moderate-fat diet (with about 35 percent of calories … Continue reading

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A Real Fish Story – Telomeres & Fighting Free Radicals

Via – The fragile tips on the ends of your DNA? They reveal exactly how young or old you are. And here’s the dinner choice that can keep them in tip-top shape: fish. In a new study, the good-for-you … Continue reading

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Real Simple’s Healthy Food “Top 30″

Real Simple Magazine suggests “The 30 Healthiest Foods” to incorporate into your diet in order to adopt a healthy eating strategy. It’s a wonderful list. In fact, I would offer to anyone and everyone that they should use it as … Continue reading

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Salmon Over Quinoa With Roasted Fennel

For dinner tonight, my wife surprised me with a tasty 6 oz. serving of salmon – poached in the microwave using just a brush of olive oil and a sprinke of thyme and pepper – served over a half-cup of … Continue reading

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