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Heart Issue Has Me Running Scared

I never felt right after that run on July 27th. I had a fluttering feeling in my left chest soon after that rarely went away and which kept me up at night. After a week of it, I went to … Continue reading

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Does Fructose Trigger Over-Eating?

The details via CBS news – Fructose, a common sugar found in the U.S. diet, may cause changes in the brain that trigger a person to overeat, a new brain imaging study shows. After drinking a fructose beverage, the brain … Continue reading

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The Impact Of Watching TV On Your Life Clock

“Every single hour of television watched after the age of 25 reduces the viewer’s life expectancy by 21.8 minutes.” – source. Crap. Using that math, I have pissed away 7 months off my life sitting in front of the boob … Continue reading

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Overweight Live Longer?

More on this via NPR – Being a little overweight may tip the odds in favor of living a long life, according to a new study. Researchers say there may be some benefit to having a little extra body fat. … Continue reading

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Bleeping French Fries

For the first five years, or so, of my Weight Watchers journey, I never touched a french fry – for the most part. Actually, the only time I ever ate french fries, like most Americans, was when eating out.  And, … Continue reading

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Gatorade Contains Brominate Flame Retardants

For that deep down body spontaneous combustion… Via the New York Times – Sarah Kavanagh and her little brother were looking forward to the bottles of Gatorade they had put in the refrigerator after playing outdoors one hot, humid afternoon … Continue reading

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Sitting Too Much May Lead To Chronic Kidney Disease

Via Newsday – Sitting for extended periods daily can lead to chronic kidney disease, according to medical investigators who examined how the cumulative effects of remaining seated can carry long-term risks. The new research by a team of British investigators … Continue reading

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Orthostatic Hypotension

I’ve written about this before.  But, here’s more on it via The Body Odd – There’s actually a name for that dizziness you sometimes get when you go from laying down or sitting to standing up: orthostatic hypotension (OH). A … Continue reading

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Eating Red Meat = Earlier Death

Via CNN – Want to live longer? Trade some of the red meat in your diet for fish, nuts, whole grains, and other healthier protein sources, Harvard researchers say. That’s the conclusion of a new study, published this week in … Continue reading

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High Calorie Intake = Elderly Memory Loss?

Via USA Today – Older people who consumed more than 2,143 calories a day had more than double the risk of a type of memory loss called mild cognitive impairment compared to those who ate fewer than 1,500 calories a … Continue reading

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Fat? Blame Your Father…Or Maybe Your Mom?

Via the Star Tribune – Kids might be at higher risk for obesity if Dad is overweight, suggests a study published in the January issue of the International Journal of Obesity. The study, measured the height and weight of children … Continue reading

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Sitting Makes You Fat

Great.  Between driving/commute time and working in the office, between Monday and Friday, I’m sitting for at least 11 hours a day.  Here’s the story behind the headline on this one, via the Daily News – Sitting down makes you … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Children Of The Quorn

Via – The vat-grown mold used to make the Quorn line of meat substitutes causes gastrointestinal distress and in some cases, life-threatening anaphylactic reactions, according to the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest. The nutrition and food … Continue reading

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Eating Dinner Too Close To Bed Time Is Bad For You

Via WebMD – Once again, mom was right: Don’t eat too close to bedtime. A new study suggests that waiting at least an hour after dinner before going to sleep reduces your risk of stroke by about two-thirds. And for … Continue reading

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Study: Watching TV Reduces Life Expectancy

Via the OnLine Journal – Watching too much television can be just as hazardous to health as obesity or smoking, according to an Australian study published Tuesday. “TV viewing time may be associated with a loss of life that is … Continue reading

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High-Fat Diet Decreases Ability To Taste Fat?

Interesting news from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation – Australian researchers are optimistic that a newly discovered link between a person’s ability to taste fat and their weight might help in the battle against obesity. They have found that eating a … Continue reading

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Obesity, Diabetes & High Blood Pressure Shrink Brain

Via the L.A. Times – Which of the following causes the brain to shrink? 1) diabetes 2) smoking 3) high blood pressure 4) being overweight in middle age? Answer: All four. That’s the latest word from the famous Framingham Heart … Continue reading

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Caffeine Consumption Colon Conundrum

Shanti Lewis, over at the Exercists blog, shared some great information yesterday on caffeine.  Here’s some highlights from that: For most healthy individuals, moderate caffeine consumption at 300 milligrams per day (about 3 cups of coffee) is considered safe. Studies … Continue reading

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Orthostatic Hypotension

I’ve mentioned in the past that my blood pressure is usually on the low side: In the ballpark of 106/74 – but often below that at times. Around 3:30 pm today, I was at the pharmacy with my daughter (who … Continue reading

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Are You Eating A Genetically Modified Organism?

It’s possible – and you may not even know that you’re doing it. Seems the F.D.A. and U.S.D.A. both feel that it’s not necessary to let you know if what you’re eating is significantly genetically engineered or not. How’s that … Continue reading

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4+ Hours Of TV/PC Use Per Day Increases Heart Disease Risk

Saw this today in a report from My Health News Daily: Spending more than four hours a day sitting in front of a television or computer more than doubles your risk of dying from or being hospitalized for heart disease, … Continue reading

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